A city is a living, breathing organism, full of inspiration. Like most things, the more you put into it, the more it gives back. In 2004 three Dutchmen experienced this for themselves. Tired of the current obsession with vintage and the unhealthy adoration of the past, they wanted to seize the moment and capture the constantly changing nature of 'the city': combining the impulsiveness of urban life and a high standard of style and quality through design.
Owing to two of the company's founders, Huub van Boeckel and Tim Rompa, being former professional tennis players, tennis has naturally been an influence on the design of HUB Footwear shoes. The tennis soles are combined with a casual and clean upper look, resulting in a combination of sport, street and fashion elements, a 'sophisticated sneaker'..

 A central characteristic of HUB Footwear's various designs is the iconic orange Z-stitch, once placed as a physical connection on the sneakers to strengthen the seams, nowadays it's the brand's icon and more a metaphorical connection to challenge HUB Footwear wearers to connect with the worlds around and within them, than a structural device.
By 2012 the brand has been distributed throughout Northwestern Europe. This year HUB Footwear will cross the English Channel and enter Britain. Over recent years HUB Footwear has maintained healthy growth and managed to keep it's distinctive look and original attitude. As it's in the DNA of the founders, HUB Footwear will always be a brand for the 'independent', 'open-minded' and 'young hearted' individual.


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